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  • Some brief reminders...

    Since I've added several new people lately I thought I'd throw out some reminder info for all...
    •Besides accessing the forum from a web browser, did you know we have it set up on Tapatalk as well as our very own WM702 app (for Android and IOS)?
    •There's a Welcome section of the forum with a lot of info about the club.
    •Any member can start their own build thread on the forum.
    •There is more to the club when you become a "Full Club Member". Some parts of the forum and some runs are exclusive to full members and you'll be able to run our stickers.
    •Anyone can create and lead a run. Also, if there's a run you would like to do but aren't comfortable leading it, you can contact Keith Fels or myself and we'll help get it set up.
    •Our runs are family friendly (no illegal drugs or heavy drinking allowed).
    •As a member you get 10% off from John Grewell at Tactical Recovery Equipment.
    •Soon we'll be putting another shirt order together.

    Please let me know if you have any questions (FB Messenger or PM through the forum is best). I'd also love any feedback on Tapatalk, the app or the forum in general since we just redid everything and we're working out a few kinks.

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    Good points, I'd like to add some trail specific stuff.

    You are responsible for your own safety and that of your rig and occupants. Do not drive past your abilities.

    Know the difference between running "offload" (in some states its called off highway) and off trail. We are allowed to leave the designated roads only outside of a box around the city which is basically Lake Mead Park to Red Rock, Sloan to the south and basically a few miles north of the city to the north. Outside of that box we are allowed to drive on established trails and in washes only. We do not let people blaze their own trails and cause damage to the vegetation. We are a responsible club and anyone running our stickers or representing our Club needs to respect the BLM laws of offload use.

    We don't establish a lot of rules or structure to keep things laid back and fun but you need to respect those around you and the direction of the trail lead. If you didn't set up the run you are following. If you want to try something the leader is passing or you want to stop for something you should ask the leader first.

    When on the trail you are responsible for keeping the rig directly in front and behind in your eyesight as much as practical. It is easy on some trails to take a wrong turn and get lost so if you can't keep up contact the trail lead to hold up for everyone to catch up again. If you can't see the rig behind you they maybe in trouble and you shouldn't lose them. Slow down to let them catch up or call for the group to hold up till everyone is together. Ideally if you slow down, everyone ahead will see the rig behind drop back and all rigs will slow down or stop till everyone is caught up. This is VERY important as the leader can only see 3 or 4 rigs back and some runs have over 20 rigs.
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      I need to do a run with you guys!