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Roasting 101

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  • Roasting 101

    We have been having some fun on the FB group but it gets kinda messy there trying to sort through the pile of posts so I started this section. If you want someone to make entertaining photoshops of your rig, yourself or any other PG-13 pics just start a new thread with the photo. If you wish to pull any other photo that has anything to do with jeeping or jeepers go ahead and post a challenge. As long as its in good humor and no one gets hurt/offended this will be an open section for general tomfoolery.

    The easiest way I've found to post pics here is to either use the Tapatalk app and post direct from it or to get an account on and upload there. Once its loaded just copy the img link to a post here.

    Don't worry about the quality, we are here to laugh not judge. Enjoy!
    2012 JK