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  • ROTM September 2017 sflippo

    We've got a newer member's rig featured for the month of September. Since meeting us he is spending a lot of time on the rocks and in his garage improving and enjoying his JK. Here's the story:

    This is where it all started, my first Jeep. I saved up and bought it while I was still in high school. A 97 TJ Sport with 4in Teraflex lift on 33s with a rear Detriot and front Power Trax locker. However, with gas nearing $5/gallon in Alaska, and getting 8mpg at best, I had to sell my TJ.

    Since then I had been waiting for the time that I would be able to get another Wrangler. Approximately 14 vehicles later, I came home with a new 2015 JK Sport.

    That same weekend I ordered a daystar 1.75in spacer lift, lights, shocks, wheel spacers, quick disconnects, and found some craigslist 285s to put on the Jeep. It was stock for 3 days. This is where I planned on keeping it for a while since I was just going to use it cruise some back roads and explore the desert.

    Then Danny introduced me to the club one day in the parking lot before work and invited me on a run to Nelson. I had always wanted to get into rock crawling and after that first trip I was hooked. I knew that my spacer lift wouldn’t satisfy me for long, so after a couple runs through tie rod and rocky gap I ended up installing a 2.5in Teraflex coil lift with .75in spacers. Not much longer after that I ended up purchasing 35in BFG Mud Terrains and went back to Nelson to try it all out.

    After a few more runs, I upgraded things such as the front bumper, winch, trackbar, stabilizer flip, evap canister skid and so on. Then I heard about the deal that Motech had for swapping rubicon and sport transfer cases and things got a little more serious. I was getting tired of working my clutch so much with the stock 2.72 transfer case and 3.73 gears so I called up Motech and had a Rubicon T-case that weekend. Since my JK is also my daily driver I had hoped to get this swap all done over the weekend. However it didn’t work out that way and it ended up being down for the week.

    With the new transfer case installed and tested it was out to Rocky Gap to try it out. That’s when I learned how amazing low gearing was. So several runs and a Marathon later I decided it was time to regear the axles to 4.56, add a rear Yukon grizzly and sleeve the front axle.

    This is where it sits now, still within the 500-mile gear break in, as I work on getting it ready for our trip to Moab. Eventually I would like to be sitting on 37s with a better lift and upgrade the front to a locked D44. Who knows what else I find the need for along the way.

    I would like to thank the whole club, as everyone has been extremely helpful with mechanical advice and helping out on the trail. I am glad to be a part of the Warmachines.

    2012 JK

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    Awesome write-up and a great Jeep!

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      Nice! Cant wait to see it in action in Moab!


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        It was a beast


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          very cool.
          \'99 TJ