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Sand Hollow - June 24 & 25 (repost)

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  • Sand Hollow - June 24 & 25 (repost)

    Reposting this to test the new calendar function of the forum.

    Ok, time to make this run official....going back to Sand Hollow the last weekend of this month. It's going to be hot...but we're going to have fun!

    This will be an official WM702 run (hint, hint for those of you that are striving to become full Club Members and need official runs under your Normal WM702 trail etiquette will be expected (there's posts on what that entails that you can read).

    We're going to start early both mornings to try to beat some of the heat. Don't forget your whip/flag, lunch for the trail and plenty of water as well as the usual stuff.

    Requirements: We'll be running trails rated between 6 and 8. Please have at least one locker as The Maze trail is extremely difficult (if almost unpassable) without one.
    Meet time: 7:30am (I'll be getting there around 7am so I can have some breakfast if anyone is interested)
    Meet place: McDonald's in Hurricane where the Phillips 66 gas station is (1180 State St, Hurricane, UT 84737)
    Roll-out time: 7:45am

    Depending on how the weekend goes will dictate some of the trail choices but my plan as of now:

    Saturday: Smurfette (rated a 6-7) and we'll hit The Chute at the end of it. Then we'll cruise across the dunes and do The Maze (rated an 8). There's a possibility for a night run for anyone that hasn't died of heat stroke or has come up I'm thinking Milt's Mile (7 rating) or Slip Lock Gulch (6 rating).
    Sunday: I'm tempted to do West Rim this day but I'll leave it up to the group as John's Trail or whatever trail we didn't do as a night run might be better since West Rim takes 1/2 a day.

    Please let me know if you'll be going and if I forgot to mention anything or if you have questions.

    Let's have another fun and safe WM702 trip!
    06-24-2017 07:00 AM
    Sand Hollow
    \'93 YJ

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    Well. I wasn't for sure if I would make this (as the Jeep has been unwheelable since Warmachines Big Bear...). In addition to a new front DS, clutch job suddenly became needed as the throw out did what throw out bearings do. But the Trans Shop (had to break it apart several times as it kept chattering) got it back to me yesterday after several weeks in (new fly wheel in addition to the normal clutch job components).

    Since it is a "dry heat", I decided not to wait around to get everything back together. Transfer case fluid change, brake fluid change, front DS install, and lovely "light" Clayton skids got put on yesterday afternoon / evening.

    Sooo, at it again. Making hotel reservations.

    Making a mess (transfer case fluid)

    Skid'ing up with that 90ish lb monstrosity.

    As with every good Jeep becomes night :/
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      Awesome! I was getting a little worried your Jeep wouldn't be ready in time.

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