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Installing Beadlocks

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  • Installing Beadlocks

    You can get them done for you and save a lot of labor and time or if you want to do it yourself it isn't that difficult and doesn't require many special tools. You will need your tires off any other wheel first and a good torque wrench capable of measuring lower ranges. My wheels specified 16-18 ft lbs. which is pretty low for most wrenches to be accurate. Other than that its just a socket in the bolt size, a 5 gallon bucket, a spray bottle with soapy water, an air source and a non scratching temporary marker.

    Place the beadlock wheel center on the upside-down bucket, outside edge up.

    Spray the top rim of the wheel and the back bead of the tire with your soapy water.

    Set the tire on the wheel and get the bead about half way over the lip of the wheel until tight.

    Slide the wheel so that the edge is tight against the inside of the tire on the side that is past the lip. The other side will have the bead above the wheel lip and will take some force to clear.

    Make sure it is good and soapy and put weight on that side of the tire until it slips over the wheel completely.

    Center the wheel inside the bead on the top side.

    Place the ring over the bead and make sure it is centered then line up the holes and put 4 bolts in finger tight on 4 opposing sides.

    Screw the rest of the bolts in finger tight then begin to tighten using the pattern specified in the instructions or basically back and fourth across from each other so it compresses evenly. I used a chalk pen to number all 32 bolts so I could keep track and wash it off easy later without scratching. Once you start to get some constant tension switch to your torque wrench and go around until the proper torque is maintained. You will have to go around a lot as each time you tighten 8 bolts or so it will loosen all the remaining bolts. This process takes most of your time. I spent about an hour per wheel and this was probably 45 min of that.

    Now stand your tire on end and soap up the back bead and inside of the wheel. Start adding air to set the back bead. If you hear air escaping you might need to push the wheel into the tire to get a seal. Once there is enough pressure inside it will hold itself. Move to the side of wheel and wait for a pop. This will be the bead setting.

    Once the bead is set resume airing up to your required pressure.

    Mount the wheel on your rig and repeat till you have rubber all the way around.

    2012 JK

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    Thanks for the write-up!

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