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Never be ashamed of your length again - Winch Extensions

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  • Never be ashamed of your length again - Winch Extensions

    Worried it may not be enough? Everyone has heard the saying "size matters". Well we have the solution for you - Winch Extensions! Winch extensions allow you to increase the length of your winch rope. Most winches come with winch rope in lengths of 50-125 feet, but sometimes your closest winch point could be 100-200 ft away. A winch extension addresses this issue by allowing you to increase the length of your rope when needed. These extensions have soft eye loops on each end, so that attachments can be used. Our winch extensions are made from 3/8" synthetic rope with a breaking strength of 18,500 and are available in 25ft, 50ft. and 100ft.

    Available in the following colors: Orange, Red, Blue & Black


    25ft. - $99

    50ft. - $149

    100ft. - $199

    *NOTE: We can not guarantee total length other than our extension. Individual results will vary depending on length of rope already on your winch. Increasing winch rope length may not be for everyone and some situations may not require the use of this product. Discontinue use of this product if you notice any fraying, or abrasion. Consult TRE if you have any other questions.

    Warmachines members get a 10% discount on all TRE purchases. If you want immediately please message me as I have not added them to the website yet.,

    Having issues posting pictures at this time - I hope to add some soon.

    *****Admins - I can make a post in the venor area - Says missing Human message******

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    Haha! That's an awesome advertisement!
    By the way, did you tell me you're also coming out with a 10 foot winch extension that can also be used as a tree saver or short strap?
    Oh, and Keith will probably check out the error when he has time. He handles the nerd

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    \'93 YJ


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      LVLJ05 commented
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      I have fully sheathed Rock/Tree Straps that can also be used as extensions. They come in 10ft and 20ft

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    I have the 20ft to use as a strap. It's slick


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      Originally posted by Russell Miller View Post
      I have the 20ft to use as a strap. It's slick
      Awesome! I just looked at the website and it looks like those are all listed now. I think I'm going to grab a 10 ft for $45 (after our 10% discount).
      \'93 YJ


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        Yeah, I was on the site four days ago and saw the 10 footer posted and in stock. Sitting in my Cart just whispering to me to finish it off.
        \'03 TJ / Glenmore