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5th Annual War Machines 702 Marathon

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  • 5th Annual War Machines 702 Marathon

    Thank you Tactical Recovery Equipment (4 Low Parts) for again sponsoring our War Machines 702 Annual Marathon run. The raffle was a huge success and we appreciate you participating to the end (which was past 1am!). As one member told me "John did a great job getting me out of a couple difficult situations damage free". Thanks to your products and continued support, War Machines 702 successfully completed their 5th Annual Marathon run.
    The raffle helped us raise some much needed money for Keith to purchase the software to convert our forum over to vbulletin. Below were the big winners.
    Dustin Swanson - won a soft shackle (which he could have used earlier in the day when he got Josh Gollhofer's Jeep
    Jono Calvert - won a TRE winch fairlead.
    Zachary Wood - won a 25' winch strap extension (I'm super jealous!)
    Glenmore Heilman - won a soft shackle
    \'93 YJ

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    Just a followup to what David said-thank you. For any not on the Warmachines FB group, the traffic on this was there. But forum or FB, it is appreciated.
    \'03 TJ / Glenmore


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      Thank you again John and tactical recovery equipment. It was great running with you. And just to clarify it was Rhonda that won it not Jono. Lol.
      Rhonda and Jono