Since I bought my first Harley in 2004 I have been active in online forums. One of the main staples of the forums has always been sharing pics by uploading them to Photobucket and copying the link over to your thread. For 14 years this has been the main method and almost every forum, wordpress and a lot of other social media are full of pictures posted this way.

Photobucket was always a free hosting service that had paid premium services until recently. They got greedy and basically destroyed a large portion of the internet. 14 years of history is now being held for ransom.

Yes you can still access your photos on their site, which is more overrun with ads than a free porn site, but every photo anyone not willing to pay $399.00 per year has been replaced by an error image. As a result our Pics or it Didn't Happen section is trashed. Video is still working, pics hosted elsewhere still work but any thing hosted by Photobucket is gone.

I have begun the task of downloading 5 years worth of my photos so I can transfer them to It will take forever but it is our history. I am also deleting every photo I have hosted there as their advertising model is based on user content and I will not donate mine to their profit.

If you can't tell, I'm furious over this and I'm not alone. The internet is currently full of complaints, rants and news articles basically comparing Photobucket to terrorists. I would hope they could see it was a mistake and restore previously linked photos only restricting future use but so far they won't budge. I can't see them lasting till the end of the year and I hope they all cry themselves to sleep after their business crumbles.