One big drawback to forums that I wish would be corrected is how they handle photos. For years you have been able to directly upload as an attachment but most boards have limits because of space. Even phones have cameras with high resolutions that produce large file size photos in the range of 5 mb. Our hosting plan gives us 10 gig but each run generates around 30 pics or 150 mb so we would fill up quick. As a result we are usually forced to upload to a photo hosting site (which compresses the files down automatically) then copy and paste the img link back into our forum post.

Tapatalk is a great way to streamline this process. It is a free mobile app that give you access to our forum as well as most forums out there. The biggest bonus is that they will host your pics so you can upload directly from the app on your phone. Simply download Tapatalk from Google Play or the Apple App store for free search for Warmachines 702 in the forums and login as you would to the forum. Navigate to where you want to post a pic and in the reply box tap the up arrow to get the photo options. You can use the camera or select from the gallery, add some text and post it.

The app has a few other social media inspired options like following others, sharing, and chat. Over all it is very useful if you follow multiple forums or want to post phone pics a lot.