With our previous forums we pretty much had one look to the board and and there weren't any options. For the most part it was a copy of an Xbox 360 skin that was modified to meet our needs. For this board I decided to get creative and play off our Warmachines name. I have designed a few color palate options that represent branches of our military. The current default is a tribute to the navy with their standard blue and yellow along with shades of blue and grey that are taken from paint used on their ships. I have also done one called Army Camo that is pretty self explanatory as well as a Marine Uniform version based on their uniform colors that admittedly needs some work. I left a stock style called Black Red that is a white background based theme.

I will work on an Air Force theme but it isn't easy as they have a limited color palate basically just red, white and blue. I also have plans to make a classic warmachines 702 skin that will emulate the dark and green theme we used for years.

To access any available styles simply scroll to the bottom of the page and you will see a dropdown menu with the current style followed by a down arrow located on the left side of the footer.